Adnan Malik

I am a backend developer with an experience of 7 years designing and developing complex web application for start-ups as well as building websites for small to medium sized businesses. I have worked as a Lead Developer in a digital marketing company(HighClickz) for 3 years and later I’ve been working as a freelancer for almost 4 years. Having worked with different clients and building products I have learned how important it is to manage stakeholders, to understand what they need and give them what they need.


Senior Web Developer

Self Employed

Freelancing gave me the experience to not only formulate solutions from a dev point of view but also helped in understanding and considering other parts of the business such as marketing, sales, audience, clients expectation and the whole business lifecycle when creating solutions for the business which a lot of devs are not able to understand when working in a company.
- Automated client business processes which helped him in saving 20 hours each week.
- Work closely with the clients project manager and other team members on change request functions.
- Designed and Developed custom WordPress plugins for the clients WordPress sites.
- Developed and successfully delivered a complex API for a clients product within a tight deadline.

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September 2015 - Present

Lead Web Developer

HighClickz Digital Marketing

- I was responsible for working directly with our project manager to understand the vision of the project and convert it into technical documentation for the rest of the team.
- Designed and developed companies internal centralized system using multiple APIs.
- Responsible for implementing Agile Development cycle in the team which helped the company to deliver projects much quicker.
- Along with writing code, I was responsible to run and monitor performance tests on new and existing codes for the purposes of correcting mistakes, isolating areas for improvement, and general debugging.
- There were times when we had clients coming in with a broken or incomplete web application. In that case, I was responsible to understand the code and make sure we reuse the code to fix or complete the web application.

Feburary 2013 - September 2015




This is a due diligence product for note investors which automates a process in investment of bulk bidding on bank tapes manually. This tool easily solves the problem of going through tons of addresses and getting all the important data you need in less than 30 seconds.

Background : 

This project came to me from an old friend of mine who was working to build a SaaS software with his partner for Note Investors(link inserted). They were looking for a dev to build this application who would be an expert + reliable + affordable.

They couldn’t find anyone who would fulfill all these criteria. I happened to chat with my old friend and he told me about this project and I found it very interesting. Since they didn’t a high budget for this product and this guy was a old friend of mine I decided to propose them a partnership where I will be investing my technical expertise in this product and they will be looking after the marketing side of this project.

Working : 

They had the front end designs and mock up ready for this project. This product is heavily depended on third party APIs for representing the data so I had to find the APIs that would consistently update and provide fresh data.

The 2 APIs I decided to use was Zillow and SpotCrime APIs for the data to display. After gathering the required APIs information for the product I had to decide which framework to build this product and I decided to use CodeIgniter framework for 2 reasons.

1 - The timeline of the project was tight so we needed a framework thats build on a MVC format and its pretty easy to setup.

2 - The functionalities of this product wasn’t very complex so we were looking to build this on a lightweight and broad framework.

After deciding the framework and APIs I had to design the backend of this project which included on which objects and how many methods we will require as well as I had to design the MySQL tables & fields and design the dataflow between the database and APIs.

Once everything was designed and planned we hired a front end dev for whom I was responsible to manage. Along with the front end dev I coded the whole backend of this project and delivered it within the given timeline.


This client has a ecommerce shop on volusion platform and he is using OrderMotion(OMX) software for order management, order processing & inventory mangement. The problem for the client was that there was no way to for Volusion and OrderMotion to communicate with each other so he had to get man power to do this manual task where they would receive the order on Volusion, get the order data and than manually enter that data into OrderMotion which costed the client 20-30 hours each week.


The client told me about this problem so I decided to see if both these application provide APIs and they did provide. So I decided to read the documentation of these APIs and created a dataflow structure after learning which data we need to get from Volusion and send into OMX.

Once the planning and designing part was complete I wrote a script which communicates between both the apps and flows the data seamlessly between each other. I wanted to use web hooks but both the APIs doesn’t provide them so I had to host it on a cron job which runs after every 5 mins to see if there is any new order in volusion or not. 

This helped the client to save 20 - 30 labour hours and made a significant difference in the clients business.


This project was build for clearcommedia which is a digital marketing company. They had a client to whom they had to sell a new REST API by aggregating data of a product called Sendible that they were using for that client. They had the documentation ready on what methods and objects they need me to code. The challenge was they required to build this REST API by aggregating a lot of complex data within 1 week which wasn’t an easy job to complete but I took it and delivered the project within 1 week.


The documentation part of the project was ready when I started working on this project so I already knew how many objects and methods we need in this REST API. The part where I had to plan was which data to gather from Sendible for each object once and how to keep this API secure once that was clear all I had to do was start writing the code.

The development and testing of the REST API was completely within a 1 week but than the issue came of hosting the REST API. They didn’t had anyone expert on the server side to create a sub domain name and host the domain on a server and than setup the API on it. I had perform this job as well where I got the hosting of the siteground on clients behalf, created a subdomain and hosted the domain on that server and than later setup the full REST API on that domain.


The client wanted to have a platform for US veterans where other people can donate event tickets, money or gift-cards for veterans & their families.


This project came to met at HighClickz. I along with a front end dev was responsible to develop this project and deliver it on time. This project was developed on WordPress. I worked on building the sites ticket search engine where the veterans will be able to search for the event tickets according to date, state and category. I build the functionality for other users to donate event tickets by entering the events details and categories it according to the event.I also developed a custom ticket management plugin for the client so that it will be easy for the client to perform CRUD operations from the backend using the plugin.


This was a very huge project that came to us at HighClickz which included multiple teams of designers, frontend and back end devs, sales & marketing. The client wanted us to build a marketplace where high school students can find math tutors easily and setup an in person or online session with them. 


I was responsible to work directly with our project manager and help him communicate the client needs with other team members. I also helped in creating the technical documentation of the project. 

Since I was the lead developer I was responsible to find the required APIs for the project as well as plan and design the backend structure of the application. We planned to build this application on Laravel framework because this was a huge and complex web application where more than 1 dev was going to work so we needed something which is easily scaleable and has got all the libraries in it and we can easily do unit testing. We worked on building the complex apps search engine, tutoring scheduling system, tutor and student profile setup functionality, integration of Stripe payment processor, integration of background check, admin panel for the client and many other features of the applications.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Docker
  • NPM
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum